Persian American Networking Development 


PAND (Persian American Networking Development) Society was established for the purpose of helping Persian Americans network and to establish professional relationships amongst each other; to encourage Persian Americans to maintain high professional standards in the workplace; to provide a safe haven for Persian Americans to cultivate personal relationships with other members; and to give Society members an opportunity to represent Persian Americans to the media and general public, while emphasizing their responsibility to serve the communities in which they live.

In early 2009, a group of individuals met together and first conceived the idea of establishing a prestigious professional society for Iranians who’ve made a home in the United States. PAND held its first general meeting on March 3, 2009. A Persian American Society was established mainly for Iranians to establish connections and to network amongst other Persian Americans, and to create a set of professional and business ethics standards in society at large.

Through two principal methods, the Society built up its membership: personal referrals and by endorsed invitations, to ensure the approval of each new member and to establish trust and more confidence among the members.

When general sessions of the PAND Society are held, members are introduced to various professions of other members and, also, it creates a place for members to engage in face-to-face networking. During the general sessions, the lecture series address the most current pressing issues facing the PAND Society. In addition, the lectures are given to help new members learn essential skills, and to motivate members to participate actively in meetings.

Also, it’s important to note, PAND subcommittees have been established as well; in the near future, the plan is to create more subcommittees as a response to the growing needs of the Society and its members. The Society has been quite open-minded in their approval and support of the existence of member-generated subcommittees as long as they function in accordance with the general goals of the PAND Society.

On June 21, 2010 PAND was granted an exemption from federal tax under section 501C (6), of the Internal Revenue Code. Click here to see the 501C filing.

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"PAND" is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 22201 Ventura Blvd Ste 211, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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